My Books

My current series is an own-voices contemporary rom-com. For now, I'm calling it the "Celebrations of Love" series because each book centers around a celebration-Lunar New Year, a wedding, and a birthday celebration. 

The Year of Cecily 
Rachel's Rules to Life and Love
The Bethany Way

San Francisco attorney Cecily Chang is ready to tackle the New Year heads on. So, she makes a list of resolutions that will guarantee it'll be the best year ever. Doing her filial duty, she prepares to head back to her Brooklyn family home to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Cecily prepares herself for nosy meddling relatives, stuffing herself with food, and the chaos family togetherness can bring. All she asks is that she avoids the boy next door-the one who broke her heart ten years ago. So of course she runs into him. Literally. Which really wreaks havoc with her resolution to avoid drama. 


Jeffrey Lee has always regretted how he ended things with Cecily ten years ago. But seeing her again at New Years, he’s sure that this is a sign, and is ready to do whatever it takes to persuade Cecily to give him, and them, another chance. Now a successful screenwriter, he will need all the help he can get to make sure this love story gets the Hollywood ending it deserves. Will he be able to convince Cecily that her list of resolutions won’t be complete without him and that love is a resolution worth keeping?



As a financial analyst, Rachel Bai is more comfortable with numbers and figures than dealing with people, and prefers to blend into the background. But after her friend Cecily’s engagement party, feeling uncharacteristically restless, she decides to do something un-Rachel like-go to a honky tonk bar and drink too much tequila. To complete the un-Rachel like trifecta, she ends up riding a mechanical bull, and  picking up a drop dead gorgeous  man for the mother of all one night stands. She leaves the next morning, convinced she’ll never see him again. A clean break that will leave no trace of this one time fluke.


But attorney Luke Trudeau is not satisfied just leaving it at a one night stand. He’s intrigued by this mysterious woman and hopes to run into her again. When they do, he proposes a deal-he’ll give her advice on how to charm potential clients to keep her promotion, in return for her financial skills to help him open up a solo practice. When Rachel’s bridezilla sister drives her batty, Luke helps her cope. The time they’re spending together and Rachel’s Cinderella makeover starts to set tongues wagging, and rumors start flying. When Rachel goes back home to her sister’s  wedding,  and runs into someone from her past she is tempted by what might have been. Can Luke convince her that what they have is real, and when it comes to love, sometimes the rules have to go out the window?

Bethany Lee has wanted to be a doctor since she was three years old, and nothing is going to stand in her way. Certainly not her fellow resident, Ethan Wu. He’s insufferably arrogant, and committed the cardinal sin of making her late on her first day of residency, and getting coffee all over her brand new lab coat. The Bethany Way of dealing with this situation means Ethan is now an adversary who must be taken down. 


On top of everything else, Bethany is also juggling planning her beloved Amah’s 70th birthday party. There aren’t enough hours in the day, but the Bethany Way says you do what you gotta do. 


Ethan Wu couldn’t care less that he’s run afoul of his colleague. He has bigger fish to fry-as a resident from Taiwan, he has the weight of his family expectations to shoulder and not even sassy, aggravating Bethany Lee will stop him from achieving his goals.


When the cold war between them starts heating up, Bethany and Ethan have to navigate the cultural divide, and differing expectations. Could it be that the differences between them is what makes them stronger, and perfect for each other? Will Bethany give Amah the best birthday gift ever-by finding the man that makes her happy, even when he drives her nuts? After all, the Bethany Way says go big or go home.