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Sheridan is an American heiress in London who clashes with Nick Bailey, the Earl of Langston but are forced to become unwilling allies when they work together to separate their siblings. They become closer even as they work to drive their siblings apart. They can't stand each other, even as they're irresistibly drawn to each other. They try to do everything possible to avoid scandal (why they feel the need to break up their siblings), but of course it finds them anyway. But when scandal hits, can they put aside their preconceived notions of honor, duty, obligation, and responsibility to follow their heart and grab on to what is possibly the love of a lifetime? 


It's based on Much Ado About Nothing.



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My "As She Likes It" series is a historical take on Sex and the City, and is based on three female best friends as they face life and love in Regency London. Each book is a twist on a Shakespearean comedy.


When Good Earls Go Bad
When the Duke Met His Match
Helen's Book - Untitled

When The Duke Met His Match is Juliet's story. She is a shy, awkward bluestocking type who's hiding a huge secret. She's the real mastermind behind her family's financial success, working behind the scenes because her brother Malcolm, who holds the title, is dyslexic and can't handle the management of the estate, so it's fallen to her. Things get complicated when she runs into his friend Sebastian, the Duke of Sterling after ten years. He and his estate are in financial trouble, and he wants to convince Malcolm to enter into a business partnership and investment that would save him. He has no idea Juliet is the real power behind the throne, even as he's intrigued by her and is more and more attracted to her by the second. But how long can Juliet keep this secret from him, and when he discovers the truth, when the whole of London society discovers the truth, can they escape unscathed?


It's my take on Twelfth Night.

Helen's book: I'm keeping her hero under wraps for now. :) But it's shaping up to be my twist on Taming of the Shrew and Merchant of Venice.

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